Six Week Preparation For Franchisees Getting Started


Here are some suggestions for planning your preparation time during the run-up to getting your classes started.  You will need to adapt it to suit your own needs and timescale.

You may not be ready to start on it until several weeks after signing your contract, but it gives you an idea of what to plan for next – in conjunction with all the information you have in your Induction Pack and the Operations Manual and from the library.

 The timetable assumes that you have already….

  • Chosen and booked your venue/s
  • Agreed some initial classes with the office
  • Completed your induction training
  • Personalised your marketing database
  • Become familiar with the MB website and library
  • Sorted your ‘home office’ admin & business bank account


  • Decide on fees and offers
  • Set up enquiry book and registers
  • Personalise publicity material in bulk
  • Your planned Marketing Campaign starts now!
  • Observe classes if possible
  • Learn lesson plan for free sessions
  • Learn repertoire for Introductory Lesson Plans 1&2
  • Any remaining training day/s


  • Marketing Campaign in full swing – press release?
  • Send letters to local NCT/toddler groups/day nurseries etc
  • Start postering and leafleting
  • Consider which adverts to pay for (church, nct, parenting glossy etc)
  • Learn repertoire for Introductory Lesson Plans 3&4
  • Practise lesson presentation – on your children, or in a mirror!


  • Follow up all of previous week’s marketing & continue
  • Arrange public liability insurance, chase up disclosure etc
  • Set up Quickbooks or accounting software
  • Learn repertoire for Introductory Lesson Plans 5&6
  • Pack a paperwork folder to keep in your kit bag: booking forms, info leaflets; headed paper & posters, free trial vouchers, party info etc
  • Do at least one free session – possibly slightly outside your area (make sure you’re familiar with kit and CD player first) 


  • Double check hall bookings, and re-visit to check kitchen, plugs, tables etc. Risk assessment? Keys? Emergency phone number? Need to make bespoke door signage?
  • More free sessions
  • Revise repertoire including how to use it all!
  • Continue marketing and following up.


  • Observe classes if possible – with the class teachers consent perhaps lead a few songs to gain feedback from class teacher and parents?
  • Another freebie or two
  • Look at registers – discuss numbers with office for advice
  • Don’t stop marketing….


  • Prepare first weeks lessons
  • Pause from active marketing for a bit
  • Buy supplies of juice and biscuits
  • Drink lots of champagne and pack your bag!